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52 Sundays 2021

Experience a new way to celebrate the Lord’s day at home with 52 Sundays!

52 Sundays is a family guide to Sunday engagement. It includes the weekly Gospel reading, stories about the saints, fun and tasty recipes, and other activities for the whole family. 52 Sundays offer simple and insightful ways for your family to spend time together each Sunday, learning more about the Catholic faith and having fun while you’re at it.

Get your copy today (or give it as a gift) for just $9.95 before it’s sold out! Order 52 Sundays: online at http://www.4lpi.com/52-sundays/  Or, download your free copy here.   You can also learn more about this guide and weekly activity or sign up for the weekly activity reminders from the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Celebrate 52 Sundays with Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan!

We have asked our staff, volunteers, donors, neighbors, and friends to share their experiences weekly for 52 Sundays. There are no rules, and there is no right or wrong. This is your chance to spend some extra time on Sunday (Lord’s Day) with yourself, your family, or just with God and challenge yourself to learn more about your faith.

All are welcome and encouraged to participate!  




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