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Adopt a Family Stories

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  1. Cancer survivor lost his job and has 4 children and 4 adults living with him.
  2. Mother of 2-year-old has limited ability to work due to severe asthma and other ailments, and owes large medical bills.
  3. Man suffers with MS and lost his job after workplace learned of his condition. Not eligible for disability and is limited in areas he can work.
  4. Single mom of 2 currently filing for divorce from abusive partner. Trouble making ends meet due to low-paying job with limited hours and no family help.
  5. Single mother working and attending school full-time. Has 13-month-old and school loans to pay. Cannot afford Christmas gifts and basic infant care supplies. Often goes without food to provide nutrition for baby.
  6. Mother had difficult pregnancy and delivered prematurely. Is primary wage earner and can’t make ends meet. Partner’s daughter from previous relationship lives with her. Temporarily living in relative’s home.
  7. Grandmother with many medical issues having financial difficulty. Taking care of 20-year-old granddaughter with severe brain damage since infancy who cannot walk/talk/eat on her own.
  8. Young couple has premature infant on a heart monitor and oxygen. Both parents lost jobs and father works part-time. Having trouble buying formula and paying household and medical bills.
  9. Father of 4 had salary reduced at work and can’t find better job due to severed arm. Forced to pay costs to repair mobile home and needs help with loan taken out to pay rent.
  10. Former homeless parents expecting fourth child now live in small home. Have difficulty paying monthly expenses and affording gasoline for long commute to work.
  11. Widowed mother of 5, now in her 70s, lives on SSI and needs help. She adopted children from relative’s friend who didn’t want siblings separated. Despite health issues, provides care and loving environment.
  12. Young man, age 21, has brain injury from car accident and no family help. Has limited transportation but working to pay rent and past due bills. Utilities turned off. Mobile home needs repairs before winter.
  13. Husband and father of 3 and has stage 4 cancer. Wife has physical issues from car accident, and neither parent can work.
  14. Widow, age 91, has no income except social security. Cannot remain in apartment after husband’s death due to rent increase and health issues. Needs help with costs to move to assisted living.
  15. Divorced working mother of 2 young children fears abuse from ex-husband and dealing with high cost of attorney fees. Needs help paying bills.
  16. Mother of 4 young children needs financial assistance for car repairs.
  17. Parents of 3 struggling to afford food, utilities and additional costs of child care. Father works full-time as cook and mother sews.
  18. Homeless single mother of 2 temporarily living with cousin and looking for her own place. Needs help paying security deposit and affording Christmas gifts for kids.
  19. Single unemployed mother of 5, one with Down syndrome, needs help with Christmas presents and making ends meet.
  20. Single mom of 4 young kids needs furniture, children’s dressers, help with Christmas gifts, food, and winter clothing for children.
  21. Mother of 4 needs assistance with food, clothing for herself and kids, and Christmas gifts. She is unable to work as she cares for her elderly mom and her children.
  22. Unemployed mother of 5 needs assistance with food, bills, and affording Christmas presents.
  23. Mother of 8 needs assistance with food, clothing, beds, and house furnishings.
  24. Mother of 4 recently laid off, and volunteers while looking for employment. Needs mattresses, winter clothes and Christmas presents for children.
  25. Grandmother of 4 is sole provider for family and cares for her elderly mother. Receiving SSD for rent and bills. She suffers from depression. Needs assistance with food and Christmas gifts.
  26. Widow, age 68, lost husband to cancer and lives in Section 8 housing. A breast cancer survivor, she suffers from debilitating effects of chemo. Cares for 2 adult children with mental health issues.
  27. Retired widower, age 75, in wheelchair is speech impaired with tongue and throat cancer. Cared for by sister and lives on social security. Needs help with medical bills and other expenses.
  28. Former homeless mother of 3 had accident requiring more than 8 surgeries and therapy. She needs financial assistance for expenses in new home.
  29. Family needs financial assistance to provide for 6 children and purchase Christmas gifts. Behind on bills and other payments. Mother is unemployed and father looking for second job.
  30. Family needs financial assistance to purchase Christmas gifts for 2 young children, one severely handicapped. Income at poverty level. Need help affording food and paying bills.
  31. Working single mom of 3 abandoned by husband needs assistance to afford Christmas gifts and pay overdue bills.
  32. Family expecting 10th child needs assistance paying bills and buying Christmas gifts. Father works two jobs and mother is unemployed.
  33. Family of 12 needs financial assistance to care for basic needs. Older children work to help pay monthly bills.
  34. Family of 7 needs assistance to pay bills, including insurance. Parents and oldest son work to make ends meet. Struggling to send 2 children to Catholic school.
  35. Parents of 7 need financial assistance to pay medical bills and provide for family. Father works overtime and mother takes part-time jobs. Both volunteer at church in lieu of weekly parish donation.
  36. Senior citizen lost job and house to foreclosure. Now lives in a low income senior complex, doing odd jobs to afford basic needs.
  37. Unemployed mother, age 63, cares for adult daughter with mental impairment from brain tumor and 2-year-old granddaughter whose mom is in prison. Needs help with bills, medical costs and Christmas gifts.
  38. Single mother of 2 young girls works part time and needs help paying bills and school costs. Child support from ex-husband suspended because he moved out of state.
  39. Family of 5 lives week to week and needs help with expenses. Ex-husband stopped paying support and step dad just recently found work. Mother unemployed due to epilepsy, lupus, and other health issues.
  40. Family needs assistance paying bills. Husband is disabled and wife travels extensively for work. Couple is guardian of 3 children whose mother abandoned them.
  41. Single mother with 15-year-old autistic son needs assistance to cover the costs of home repairs and outstanding medical bills close to $18,500. Also needs help with clothing, utilities, and household goods.
  42. Couple with 2 children need assistance with monthly expenses. Mother is unemployed and on disability after major heart attack, and father is fighting cancer.
  43. Couple with 3 children need help paying bills and covering basic needs as well as affording Christmas gifts. Mother’s work hours cut and she needs surgery. Father can’t work due auto accident injury.
  44. Parents of 4 young girls, two with special needs, asking for help with expenses and Christmas presents. Father’s salary is low and mother unemployed to take care of children.
  45. Single mother of 3 young children sold furniture and car to pay bills and then lost her home. Now living with her mother. Father abandoned them. Need assistance with Christmas presents.
  46. Unemployed single mother of 3 suffers from chronic debilitating disease. Eldest child has autism. Family has no support from the father. Need assistance with Christmas presents.
  47. Family with 5 children displaced from home due to domestic abuse. Living with godmother. They lost their car to a fire. Any assistance appreciated.
  48. Single mother of 6 is expecting a baby in December. She is unable to work and care for children. One teen daughter died last year, and another child has medical issue requiring feeding tube.
  49. Family struggling to pay medical bills for two sons. The eldest battled cancer for 3 years and is in remission. The other diagnosed with diabetes and requires round-the-clock care.
  50. Widow with low income works as seamstress but is unable to do additional work due to recent knee surgery. Needs assistance to pay medical and household expenses.
  51. Single mother of 3 teens receives no assistance from estranged alcoholic father and works the night shift in a nursing home. Recently paid for her mother’s funeral, is behind on rent, and facing eviction.
  52. Single dad of 2 with health problems cannot work full-time. He struggles to make ends meet, often choosing between providing food for children and his medication.
  53. Woman suffers from depression that led to job loss. She requires medication, and continues to be involved in church activities. Needs assistance during the Christmas season.
  54. Mother of 4 with health problems that led to job loss. Family depends solely on social security. Her teen daughter works while going to school to make ends meet.
  55. Widow struggles since her husband passed away. Cannot meet her basic needs and only has husband’s social security for support.
  56. Mother, father, 10 children, and grandmother forced to move due to house fire. They are renovating a formerly abandoned home in Detroit with no furniture or beds. Father’s wages barely cover mortgage.
  57. Mother of 2 daughters is behind on rent and facing eviction. The youngest child is partially blind with other health problems. Family lost social security payments, and mom is job hunting.
  58. Mother of 5 recently lost her husband and struggles financially to pay rent and utilities. She supports a granddaughter and daughter in college while another daughter lost her part-time job.
  59. Mother of 2 has congestive heart failure, cannot work and receives SSI. Teen son also cannot work after being shot in the arm. Apartment needs repairs and has flooded, ruining appliances.
  60. Couple struggling financially. Wife works a part-time, and husband with Lyme disease cannot walk. Retirement fund covers medical expenses, but have difficulty in winter with low income and heat bills.
  61. Widow lost disability payments when she turned 65. Depends on Meals-on-Wheels and a Dial-A-Ride for transportation after giving up car to save money.
  62. Young single working mother with 2 young girls struggles to pay healthcare insurance costs and hopes for any financial assistance.
  63. Unemployed single mother living in Section 8 housing needs assistance with food, utilities, and Christmas presents for her teen son and two grandchildren. Her bridge card funds do not cover family needs.
  64. Grandmother takes care of 5 grandchildren. The oldest is in college and pregnant. Family needs assistance with bills and Christmas gifts.
  65. Single mother of teen son lost her job. She is wheelchair-bound with a degenerative disease.
  66. Single mother of 2 daughters works part-time and lost her rental home. Family is living with a cousin. Her ex-husband is in jail, and she needs assistance to care for children.
  67. Single mother of 3 daughters lost her husband to pancreatic cancer. The eldest daughter has autoimmune disorder resulting in high medical bills. Mother is unable to work, but is a church volunteer.
  68. Couple with 5 children struggles since husband lost his job. Wife has health issues.
  69. Single senior citizen lives in a mobile home with no assistance from family. She cannot afford food or transportation and relies on Meals-on-Wheels.
  70. Single mother with daughter and 2 foster children cares for her elderly mother and struggles financially.
  71. Mother of 2 is currently going through a divorce and having trouble supporting family. One son has autism, and she has health problems.
  72. Single mother of 3 is seeking employment but currently supported only by bridge card.
  73. Single mother of 3 receives Section 8 assistance to shelter family, and depends on SSI. She does not have income to provide extras for her children, including Christmas presents.
  74. Working mom going through divorce from alcoholic husband. She struggles with legal fees and forced court order to pay her husband support, though he pays no child support.
  75. Young mother of 2 in Section 8 housing needs home furnishings, clothing and shoes for her family. She is seeking employment and worried about care for her young children.
  76. Formerly homeless mother and 13-year-old son deserted by father now live in Section 8 housing and need home furnishings and help with medical bills.
  77. Family struggling to make ends meet due to medical insurance and children’s education costs.
  78. Mother and 4 children, along with sister and her 3 children, live in a motel. One child has special needs, and they hope find a permanent home.
  79. Couple evicted from home before birth of 6th child and now live with grandmother. Both work part-time, and dad hopes for full time. Wife suffers from medical issues.
  80. Retired widow evicted from home with her daughter, son-in-law and 5 children living with her. She cannot afford mortgage, increased bills, and cost of required city repairs to her street.
  81. Unemployed mother of 3 deserted by husband struggles to provide food, clothes, transportation, and housing for her children. She relies on charity assistance and receives no government or family support.
  82. Grandmother raising 4 children from her incarcerated daughter needs financial assistance for the Christmas season.
  83. Mother of 2 daughters faces financial problems after husband deported to Mexico. One daughter is autistic and mother must work to pay bills. She owes money on a repossessed car.
  84. Single mother of 3 needs financial assistance. She is a full-time paramedic student and working part-time to make ends meet.
  85. Widowed man unable to work due to throat surgery needs financial assistance.
  86. Family with 3 children and another on the way struggles financially as dad is not legally able to work.
  87. Wife and mother struggles to make ends meet after husband left for another woman. He failed to pay their bills. The former stay-at-home mom is now forced to work and looking for a second job.
  88. Single mother of 2 receives very little support from ex-husband. She was forced to take off work to care for daughter with a medical condition, and family could not pay rent for several months.
  89. Single father of 4 lost one of his two jobs, and then his house. The children forced to live with their mom. He has since found a new job and home, and is working to get his children back.
  90. Woman is sole supporter for niece and her adult daughter with 3 children who escaped domestic abuse. She volunteers when she can, and would appreciate any financial assistance.
  91. Mother of several children, including infant, works when she can to support her family and ill husband.
  92. Single mother of 5, 2 with disabilities, recently homeless and lives in their van.
  93. Grandparents raising grandchildren while providing Catholic education struggle financially, especially during the holiday season.
  94. Family lost their business and are struggling. Mother cleans houses to keep children in Catholic school.
  95. Man recently released from prison after 26 years need clothes, food, appliances and money for medication. While incarcerated, his wife and children passed away. He does odd jobs to support himself.
  96. Veteran recently lost her spouse. She and her 5 children need clothes, shoes, and a stove. One child has serious medical issues so any help with medical costs and other expenses is appreciated.
  97. Mother of 2 was laid off and struggles to make ends meet especially during the holiday season.
  98. Mother of 3 struggles to care for her children and make ends meet due to low paying part-time job and fragile health condition.
  99. Immigrant single mother of 2 lost one of her part-time jobs. She is looking for another and struggles to meet her family’s basic needs as well as afford presents for Christmas.
  100. Single man in poor health cannot hold permanent job. Supports himself painting houses and other odd jobs. He needs funds to purchase tires for his motorcycle, his main mode of transportation for work.
  101. Single mother of 3 works at bar to make ends meet. Children’s father provides support as best he can. Financial assistance is needed for food, clothes, diapers, car maintenance, and Christmas presents.
  102. Family of 4 with 2 children depend on food bank after father was laid off work.
  103. Widow, age 80, with limited income needs assistance this holiday season.
  104. Single mother of 4 works in a commercial kitchen to make ends meet. An illness led to her hours being cut significantly, and she needs help to afford rent, food, utilities, and Christmas presents.
  105. Mother of 3 is confined to hospital bed, cared for by her mother, who is also caring for her children.
  106. Single widowed mother is permanently disabled and cannot find full-time work. She is sole supporter for her 3 children, 2 grandchildren, and 3 foster children. Family needs clothes, beds, and Christmas gifts.
  107. Woman who works as church volunteer needs assistance paying for gasoline, basic household items and simple Christmas gifts.
  108. Mother of 3 and grandmother of 3, with another grandchild expected on Christmas day, needs assistance caring for her family’s needs.
  109. Father is disabled with other medical issues. Son has health issues and lost his job due to a serious car accident. Family is struggling to pay for damages and rent.
  110. Single mother of 6 struggles to pay bills and care for family since many of the kids have medical issues. Clothing needs are constant and costly due to regular fluctuations in children’s weights.
  111. Mother of 2 struggling with homelessness and addiction could use help this Christmas. Awarded unsupervised visits with her kids, she now works full-time and on road to full recovery.
  112. After working through the foster care system, this family will be together at Christmas for the first time in 2 years in a safe, clean home. They could use financial help to make this season memorable.
  113. Parents of a student struggling with mental health issues need financial assistance. Dad is on dialysis 3 days a week, is an amputee, and uses a wheelchair. They live only on disability pay.
  114. Family of 7 needs assistance. Mom suffered a stroke and is unable to work. Dad has been wheelchair-bound since early teens. Their only income is government assistance and charity from family.
  115. Family of 6 with 4 children survive on disability pay and need funds to buy clothing, pay rent, and afford food.
  116. Single mother of 4 evicted, lived in her car for a time, but was able to return home with charity assistance. Now she is hospitalized and needs help with medical bills.
  117. Single mother with cancer cannot work. She cares for her 2 children and another child. The family needs assistance with rent, food, and Christmas gifts.
  118. Mother of 5 is struggling financially. One son is wheelchair bound since birth and cannot speak. Her husband also has health issues. Any assistance is appreciated.
  119. Father with health issues has been in and out of the hospital, and family is struggling financially. He cannot walk and is unable to work. His wife babysits for extra income.
  120. Widow with disability income due to health issues needs infected tooth removed, but cannot afford surgery.
  121. Elderly woman with limited ability to walk and C-Pap machine cannot afford her supplies and needs assistance with bills this winter.
  122. Couple in their 70s lives on social security and needs help with medical bills and living expenses. Husband has health problems after a heart attack, and they use space heaters to heat their home.
  123. Woman has been in and out of the hospital with health issues. She was forced to take time off work and was not paid. Any assistance is appreciated.
  124. Widow with little income needs assistance with heating bills.
  125. Single woman diagnosed with cancer will be off work for at least a year. She is too young for social security, and needs more surgery and possible chemo or radiation.
  126. Young father suffered a stroke just before the birth of his first child. Has a long road to recovery, and due to his health, was forced to take time off his teaching job.
  127. Woman lives alone and winter bills are a challenge. She has difficulty walking and can no longer get to church or drive.
  128. Senior on disability has custody of her 3 grandchildren. Any assistance is appreciated.
  129. Family of 7 recently evicted from home is living with relatives. Mom is on disability and being treated for anxiety and depression. Father does odd jobs for income. They hope to find a permanent home.
  130. Homeless man’s only income is the social security he shares with his nephew out-of-state. He uses prescribed hearing aids and needs help to pay his deductible.
  131. Family with 6 children struggles to make ends meet. Catholic values are a priority and family struggles to afford Catholic school. Father works full-time and part-time jobs, and mother works part-time.
  132. Homeless man lost his job and spent his savings paying for his mother’s funeral. He lives under the awning of a closed-down restaurant. New employer appreciates any assistance given.
  133. Mother of young daughter has custody of her older daughter’s 4 children. She is on social security and not in good health. She hopes for assistance to provide Christmas gifts for the children.
  134. Mother of 3 young children from Ohio lost home to fire and moved to Detroit to live with relatives. She has since moved into own house and needs furniture and appliances.
  135. Mother of 3 young children lost home to a fire and needs beds for her kids.
  136. Widow lost her part-time nursing job due to illness and is looking for employment. She shares her apartment with son and grandson. They need help with utilities and medical bills.
  137. Single woman, age 60, lives alone with no family. She helped with funeral expenses for recently deceased brother and now struggles to pay rent and utility bills. She cannot work due to several strokes.
  138. Single mother of 4 survives on disability checks and food stamps. She has no emotional or social support and any assistance is appreciated.
  139. Divorced mom needs help with utilities and home repairs. She has suffered much. Her ex-husband kidnapped her 2 sons to India, she has health issues and carries scars from a dog attack.
  140. Single mother of 8 was hit by a truck and is unable to work. She gets no public assistance or support from family. Her older children work to help out. One son is autistic.
  141. Single mother of 3 lives off food stamps. She is looking for work and needs help buying clothes for herself and her children. Her parents help, but struggle financially as well. Any support is appreciated.
  142. Veteran is father of 3 and needs help with expenses. His family moved to Michigan to give him a new atmosphere since he suffers from severe PTSD. He is unable to work. His wife is seeking employment.
  143. Family of 5 needs a new washing machine, food and help with Christmas presents. Mom has a back injury and dad works odd jobs and suffers mental issues after losing 13-year-old son to cancer.
  144. Mother of 2 needs assistance. She lost her husband and her father in same month. Family business went under. They live with the widowed grandmother and need help with clothing, food, and employment.
  145. Family of 4 needs assistance. Father is on disability which just covers bills and food. Mom and a son both have cerebral palsy. Parents often go without necessities to meet the needs of the children.
  146. Mother on disability needs assistance. She supports her daughter and 2 grandchildren after the daughter’s husband abandoned them, and daughter lost her job.
  147. Man lives alone, is unemployed and struggles to meet his basic needs. He cannot maintain his home, and relatives who helped in past are deceased or have health or financial problems.
  148. Woman, age 60, needs help affording food. She lives with a roommate and both receive federal subsidy. Slightly mentally challenged and diabetic, she has no car and her work hours were cut to 4 hours per week.
  149. Widow living alone struggles to meet her basic needs. She receives social security which does not cover her bills. She especially needs assistance buying food and household items.
  150. Single mother of 3 is looking for employment after separating from her husband. She needs assistance getting new furnace for the winter.
  151. Parents of 3 children are struggling to pay bills. Mom, age 42, with COPD and congestive heart failure is on a breathing machine. Dad is trying to find job to support the family.
  152. Father of 2 young boys works part time and is looking for full-time employment. Paying bills, rent, clothing, and food is a struggle. Any assistance is appreciated.
  153. Couple struggles to make ends meet. Wife is being treated for cancer and husband gets treatment for congestive heart failure. They have no car and request gas vouchers to pay friends for transportation.
  154. Immigrant came to US at age 12 and married at 15. She lost her son to abusive husband who returned to Iraq. She is working toward GED, but is laid off and needs help with rent and bills.
  155. Couple on disability is struggling to pay rent, owing about $5,800. Husband was hit by a drunk driver and permanently disabled. His wife suffered a major stroke and was in the hospital for two years.
  156. Mother of 2 sons is separated from husband, who covers medical bills but not child support. She fell behind on rent this summer off her teaching job, and hopes to avoid eviction.
  157. Single mother of 2 young children lost everything in a house fire. They are staying with relatives but hope to get a place of their own. Any assistance is appreciated to provide basic necessities.
  158. Family of 4 have low income and suffering employment setbacks. They need help with utilities and Christmas gifts.
  159. Single mother of 2, including one who is autistic, needs help with medical bills due to roach infestation and Christmas gifts.
  160. Former homeless family of 4 needs help with utilities and Christmas gifts after resolving their situation caused by high-risk pregnancy and lost wages.
  161. Family needs help with utilities and Christmas gifts for 4 children. Family lost wages during maternity leave and the father is awaiting disability payments.
  162. Disabled mother needs help with food, transportation, and utilities. Daughter is laid off and son is unable to work due to severe health issues and been denied disability. Another daughter died of kidney disease.
  163. Single mother lost child to illness and is paying off medical bills. She hopes for help with Christmas gifts for other children and assistance paying utilities.
  164. Young mother with 5-year-old son needs help with furnishings, utilities, Christmas gifts, and bills associated with a family funeral and car accident.
  165. Family is grieving the death of their father from a heart attack. This is first Christmas without him and they need living room furniture, children’s beds, toys, and clothes.
  166. Family of 8 needs assistance with children’s beds, clothing, and toys. Premature twin boys born at 25 weeks have medical problems. They need in-home oxygen treatment. Mother working full time.
  167. Family of 6 recently moved to 3-bedroom home after being homeless. They need living room and kitchen furniture, household items and clothing, and hope for toys for Christmas.
  168. Single woman, age 29, is pregnant and has 6 children. They recently moved to a 5-bedroom home and need furniture, washer and dryer, clothing, and toys for Christmas.
  169. Family with 7 children struggle to pay mortgage for a trailer and lot rental. They need mattresses for children. Food stamps do not cover expenses to feed them all.
  170. Family of 5 struggling after father lost job. Daughter, age 4, has undergone several surgeries for numerous issues including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, anemia, asthma, and poor immune system.
  171. Divorced mother of 4 receives no child support and filed for bankruptcy. She has a steady job but needs help to provide for family, and takes the bus for transportation.
  172. Family of 6 struggling financially. Husband works but is paying off sizable student loan. School closed before he could get his degree. Wife works part-time in order to care for young children.
  173. Single father of 4 young children has no reliable income or transportation. He quit his job to care for his kids after mother abandoned the family.
  174. Single mother has severe medical issues that caused her to get behind on bills. She needs help with Christmas gifts and clothing for her 14-year-old son and car insurance payments.
  175. Single mother of toddler had a lung tumor removed and suffers with other medical problems. She works as possible but medical bills continue to mount. She needs help with food, clothing and medical bills.
  176. Single mother of 4 receives no child support. She gets some Section 8 assistance for rent, and her only income is disability and food stamps. She has no car and walks kids to school.
  177. Couple struggling with low income since husband lost truck driver job due to serious illness. Wife works at truck center, but needs cancer surgery and her health insurance was recently cancelled.
  178. Woman has suffered series of setbacks after her husband left her. She appreciates any assistance.
  179. Family of 5 includes a young son and 2 young grandchildren, for whom grandparents have legal custody because father is in prison and mother is not in the picture. They live paycheck to paycheck.
  180. Divorced father has health problems and custody of teen daughter with heart condition and asthma. He works 2 part-time minimum wage jobs, struggles to afford housing and food, and has no health insurance.
  181. Mother of 2 is out of work and gets no support from the father. She is job hunting and has applied for food assistance. Grandfather helps as he can.
  182. Homeless single mother with spinal condition can only work part-time. Her adult son is autistic and bipolar, attends special school and may never work. Her daughter, age 11, has asthma and twisted foot.
  183. Family of 5 lives on mother’s disability and father’s meager weekly salary. Mother had multiple seizures and was hospitalized for a time in a coma. She now has short-term memory loss.
  184. Mother had surgery for broken ankle, but now has nerve damage. She cannot care for children, walk, stand, do basic activities, or drive. Another surgery will hopefully allow her to go back to work.
  185. Soon-to-be-married couple took in nephew. Wife is legally blind and unable to work after brain surgery, and they are sometimes short on funds to provide for the boy.
  186. Single mother with 2 young children was victim of gunshot and fled from abuse. She needs help after relocation with home furnishings and Christmas gifts.
  187. Man lost his job and home, and in temporary shelter. His food comes from a local food pantry. He has no car and depends on others to bring him to church, where he volunteers as lector.
  188. Woman going through financial difficulties appreciates any assistance given.
  189. Single mother undergoing cancer treatment appreciates any financial assistance.
  190. Woman going through a divorce appreciates any financial assistance given.
  191. Single mother of 2 is off work for health reasons. Utilities shut off. She appreciates any help.
  192. Couple with 3 children are in need of financial assistance to pay rent and avoid homelessness. Husband lost his job and is having trouble finding another. Wife’s work covers basic expenses.
  193. Man having trouble finding a job after his IT degree became defunct. Family in danger of losing their home, causing internal problems for family. He is developing health issues as family loses stability.
  194. Woman, age 23, has custody of her 11-year-old brother. Their mother died of a heart attack in front of them. She has minimum wage job to pay rent but needs help to buy food and clothes for them both.
  195. Family of 6 struggling financially, as 2 children have ongoing health problems. Father’s wages cover basics but needs assistance with food and help with Christmas presents.
  196. Disabled woman has many health issues and is recovering from back surgery. She needs assistance with food and rent.
  197. Single mother of 4 was displaced from full-time job when company shut down. She is job hunting, but has exhausted unemployment benefits and used all her savings. She needs assistance for Christmas gifts.
  198. Single father has 3 children, one with a disability. His wife passed away from cancer. He was laid off and bills piled up. He works part-time and full-time job and needs help with rent and Christmas presents.
  199. Family of 5 has low income that covers only basics. They live with relatives after a house fire.
  200. Husband is debilitated physically and mentally from MS and being evaluated in facility away from home. The mother works at coffee shop and cares for 3-year-old daughter while tending to husband’s needs.
  201. Family recently lost their father, the main breadwinner. The mother is sole provider for 3 teen girls and struggles to balance work and caring for kids.
  202. Family of 3 needs assistance after a fire destroyed their apartment, most of their furniture, and all their clothing. Contractors working in building burst a water pipe which caused more damage.
  203. Family of 6 with working father and stay-at-home mother are struggling financially. A court judgment took a fourth of the father’s weekly paycheck. They need help with clothing and Christmas gifts.
  204. Family of 5 needs furniture, clothing and help with Christmas gifts. Father works odd jobs. They receive food stamps and are in Section 8 housing. Mother was raised in foster homes and has no family support.
  205. Diabetic mother, teen daughter, and 10-year-old grandson were homeless before finding a place. Rent takes up most of income. Mom hopes to find part-time job. They need clothing and Christmas gifts.
  206. Single mother cares for 6 children, a baby grandchild, as well as disabled sister and her child. All children are teens or younger. She wants help with water bill, additional beds and a Bible.
  207. Former homeless man now lives in an apartment, but disability income barely covers his needs. He needs help with rent, utilities, and clothing.
  208. Senior on Medicaid and social security raising two grandchildren. Cleans houses for a living. She needs surgery for ulcers and will be unable to work for a month and unable to provide Christmas for her family.
  209. Man had back surgery, couldn’t work for a time, and lost his job. He now struggles to pay bills. He cares for mother with diabetes and two young nieces and wants help with Christmas gifts.
  210. Mother of 3 young children is working to get husband legal status since their wedding. He was picked up by I.C.E. and family had to post large cash bond that drained their savings for Christmas.
  211. Retired mother with health problems provides for 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren. Her son has addiction problems. She spent most of her savings after a house fire and needs help with Christmas.
  212. Single mother of 3 has been off work for a few months and fallen behind on bills. She would like help with Christmas gifts for her children.
  213. Single mom, age 29, lives in subsidized housing with 2 children and ex-boyfriend’s 2 children. Her ex left her with unpaid bills so she started working and babysitting for income. Any assistance is appreciated.
  214. Single mother of 3 is struggling with health issues like Crohn’s disease and spinal deterioration. She is unable to work and awaits disability assistance.
  215. Mother, age 26, with a 2-year-old is struggling financially. The father was abusive, and she threw him out, losing the partial support he provided for their mobile home.
  216. Single woman in 50s diagnosed with breast cancer lost her job the same day. She needs help with utilities and rent and has eliminated all unnecessary expenses. She hopes to help others after she recovers.
  217. Mother of 2 young girls was abandoned by the father. She found a job and plans to go to school. She has been in a mobile home for 4 years and appreciates any assistance this Christmas season.
  218. Single mother of 3 appreciates any assistance after utilities shut off. One son is asthmatic and requires frequent trips to hospital. Her only income is food assistance and Medicaid.
  219. Father is very ill and requires care after release from hospital. Step daughter lives with him and has 3 children, one severely asthmatic. She recently lost her job and the household has no income.
  220. Single mother of 5 has no income other than food stamps and utility allotment. She needs money for childcare so she can work.
  221. Mother of 3 is expecting. Her only source of income is food stamps. This pregnancy is high-risk and she can no longer work. Rent and utilities are past due, and she receives no child support or help from family.
  222. Woman, age 61, had surgery to remove 80% of a tumor a decade ago but still has pain and collapses frequently. Her car needs repair.
  223. Father of 3 is unemployed and has epilepsy and dementia. Wife has fibromyalgia, Type 2 diabetes, neuropathy, osteoporosis, and PTSD from abuse. Daughter has back injury and other health issues.
  224. Family of 3 needs help with gas, electricity, and other expenses. Water has been shut off so they buy water at store or pay neighbors for resources. Their roof also needs repair.
  225. Father has complications from diabetes and amputated foot. Mother works to care for him and 8-year-old son. They have a leaking water heater they can’t afford to replace.
  226. This family has two autistic daughters with other special needs. Their mother has health challenges and dad works part-time to care for them all.
  227. Single mother has 2 children with ADHD, and one in special education. One was victim of sexual abuse. The family struggles with low income, custody battles, and no transportation.
  228. Single mother of 4 young children is on maternity leave due to pregnancy complications. She needs assistance with groceries, rent, utilities, and living expenses.
  229. Single mother of 3 recently left abusive relationship and is unemployed. She is studying to be a medical assistant to care for her children. She needs help with a rental deposit to live in safer environment.
  230. Single mother of 3 is pregnant with fourth. She is trying to find work but needs childcare. She needs rent and utility assistance, as well as crib and beds for herself and her children.
  231. Single mother with epilepsy has a 15-year-old son. They live below poverty level in Section 8 housing. A pest infestation requires they move, and any assistance is appreciated.
  232. Woman is permanently disabled and has applied for disability. She lives on a small income from the state and is unable to work. She needs help paying her bills.
  233. Husband had a heart attack, but survived with some mental and physical issues. Wife cannot work in order to take care of him. They get support from their children, but now live with her mother.
  234. Family of 3 are immigrants. Parents are working but struggle with cost of education. They need assistance to provide a Christmas for their children.
  235. Entrepreneur has fallen on hard times with reduced business and lost his home because he could not keep up mortgage payments.
  236. Retired single woman began working again only to be laid off. She is almost 80, and it is difficult to find employment. She appreciates any assistance.
  237. Mother of 6 is unemployed and struggles to make ends meet. She is estranged from her abusive husband. Her eldest son committed suicide. She needs assistance to bring a joyful Christmas to her family.
  238. Senior couple are past due on utility bills and need financial assistance to replace a cracked window in their home, which would reduce the cost of heating bills.
  239. Single mother (age 69) of 2 is financially struggling to maintain her home. She has lived there for 45 years, but has not been able to maintain it. Home is one step away from being condemned.
  240. Mother of 3, including a special needs child, recently had to move, and now must financially support her mother, whose house was foreclosed.
  241. Single mother of teen son severely burned from a grease fire needs help with medical bills and costs associated with lost wages while caring for him.
  242. Mother has custody of 2 grandchildren after her daughter passed away. She needs assistance with clothing and Christmas gifts for kids.
  243. Mother lost her job and unable to find work. She has a son and is expecting another in February. She struggles to make ends meet and needs assistance with Christmas gifts and preparing for baby.
  244. Single mother of 2 is struggling financially. One son is autistic. After losing several family members over a few months, she has many bills to pay. Any help is appreciated.
  245. Single mother of 3 lost her job and is desperately seeking employment. The family is behind on bills and appreciates any assistance.
  246. Mother with young son needs help with food, clothing and expenses. She has no family support, works 2 jobs and moved from an unsafe home to a safer environment, selling most of her possessions to start over.
  247. Previously homeless man got an apartment but is unemployed and has no family support. His Community Housing Network support ends in 6 months. He has some medical issues and does not have a car.
  248. Family has been living in hotels after a fire burned their home and all their possessions.
  249. Single father of 3 spends all income on various health issues. Any assistance appreciated.
  250. Single mother’s youngest son has kidney disease and faces many complications. Needs help with medical expenses.
  251. Divorced mother of 2 suffered domestic abuse. Accident required shoulder surgery and time off work. She now works part time, and gets WIC and food pantry help, but is behind on taxes and utilities.
  252. Family suffering from serious health issues. The husband has brain cancer and son is mentally impaired. The wife works for minimum wage to meet minimum home expenses.
  253. Widow recently lost her physically challenged husband and has no children to help. She works for minimum wage. Medical problems causing serious financial difficulty, but she remains faithful.
  254. Woman, age 89, got behind on utility bills due to illness. She is on a payment plan, but needs help catching up on payments.
  255. Mother and children abandoned by father. She also cares for grandchildren. With support from neighbors, she remains faithful and churchgoing.
  256. Mother suffered aneurysm that damaged her speech and left her paralyzed on right side. Father works part time to care for her and 4 children.  They need help with medical bills.
  257. Young woman is working hard to put herself through school and take care of her mother who is suffering from a debilitating mental illness.
  258. Woman with little financial means has survived numerous battles with cancer and is working diligently to recover.
  259. Mother of 5, including a child with a severe mental illness, is struggling to overcome debt and would appreciate any assistance.
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