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Kimberly Burdick

Kimberly Burdick earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University in 1987 and her Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University in 1994. She also received an ACSW credential from the National Association of Social Workers in 2007. Kimberly is currently Assistant Division Director of the Northern Region of the Behavioral Health Department for the offices in St. Clair and Lapeer Counties. Her areas of expertise include: providing therapy services to children, adolescents, and adults dealing with anxiety and depression, family therapy, and working with older adults. She is currently working on her certification in addiction counseling. Her experience includes 15 years as a case manager and clinician for Community Mental Health of St. Clair County and 12 years as a therapist in private practice. Kimberly started her career with CCSEM (then Catholic Social Services) as a student intern in the 1990’s and returned as an employee in 2015. She said returning to the place where she started as a student “has been like coming home. I feel so privileged to be back to the place where I began my career as a therapist with such a wonderful group of people who are so talented and care so much about the work they do.”

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