Gifts of Stock

Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan welcomes donations of appreciated securities. The process is easy and may result in tax savings. Gifts of shares that have appreciated over time are generally deductible at market value and are exempt from capital gains tax. As with all charitable gifts, review your giving plans with your financial and legal advisers. To realize the potential tax advantages of donating stock, the shares must be transferred directly to CCSEM.

To ensure CCSEM properly records and acknowledges your gift, please contact us to discuss your intentions, as the transfer information itself only provides share details and not the name of the donor.  

If your broker holds your shares, the following will enable the electronic transfer of shares to Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan:

  • DTC #8862
  • Credit to account #64402706 Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan
  • The name of the stock and the number of shares you will transfer
  • Financial Advisor: Abraham Post (248-655-4060;
  • Assistant: Jennifer Blizinski (248-655-4069;

If you hold the stock certificate and it is issued in your name, complete the assignment section on the reverse side of the certificate:

  • Assign it to Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan
  • Your signature must be guaranteed by an eligible guarantor institution, such as your bank or brokerage firm. Your bank or broker will assist you in preparing the document in this regard.

For more information, contact Patricia Brosnahan at 586-416-2300 x 4015 or at