Malta Medical and Dental Clinic Ready to Serve the Poor
Oct 8, 2020
October 7, 2020, Detroit, MI –The Malta Dental and Medical Clinic announced that it would, on October 8, 2020, begin serving dental patients from its new location at the Center for the Works of Mercy, located at 8642 Woodward. The Clinic had been located in the basement of the former St. Leo’s Church since its inception in 2004. Nancy Harmon, RDH, the Dental Director, explained that the new, barrier-free location would allow the Clinic to serve physically challenged individuals who could not navigate the stairs in the former location. The Malta Dental and Medical Clinic, which does not charge fees, serves only patients who are below the poverty level and unable to obtain insurance. It strives to improve the overall medical and dental health of its patients. Most notably, the Clinic provides dentures for a population, including homeless veterans, who have been unable to afford or obtain dental care. Consequently, they are suffering from poor nutrition, poor digestion, pain, and infection as well as poor general appearance and lowered self-esteem which causes them to withdraw from society and be unable to obtain employment. After receiving dentures, a smile returns to their face, they return to society and many obtain employment. The Malta Dental and Medical Clinic has entered a joint operating agreement with Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan to provide a complete range of medical, dental, and social services from one location. Delta Dental Foundation has provided funding for new equipment. Pulte Family Foundation, Metro Health Foundation, members of the Order of Malta, and friends of the Clinic have provided funding for the buildout. Blue Cross-Blue Shield, the State of Michigan, the Order of Malta, and friends of the Clinic have provided funding for ongoing operations. If you wish to help in this work, visit the Clinic website at Click here for a downloadable press release.