Message from our President
Dec 5, 2019
In honor of the end of the year, Paul, our president, wanted to share why he loved Catholic Charities!

I love Catholic Charities. 

I love that we help children find a forever home. Children who have been abused physically or emotionally. Children who have the God given potential to be saints but who have been treated like leftovers are treasured here and we embrace them and come alongside them in seeking a brighter future.

I love that we have an open door for the person with addiction  and in crisis to seek help, even if they have no money, even in the middle of the night.

I love that we welcome the stranger, the immigrant who is infinitely precious to God but is hated and slandered in our midst. We help this person get food, get educated, speak English, get a job and reunite their family.

I love that we counsel the doubtful. That we have talented and loving therapists in 5 counties to help people to see the truth that they are beautiful and they are capable, with God’s help, of enduring the trials of life and recovering the joy that God created them for.

I love that we embrace the mother and child, particularly when that child is in its weakest form, in the womb, subject to having its life snuffed out by a frightened world that questions whether life is worth living. I love that we provide help and give hope to this mother to strengthen her in her labor to see that this exquisite and unique creation of a child is given a chance to breathe and thrive.

I love that we feed the hungry. Working poor, homeless, immigrant, every person is welcomed to the table of plenty, the table of hope and hospitality, where joy filled volunteers serve them and dine with them.

I love that we care for the sick, for the person whose life has progressed to a place of great weakness, where they depend on others for almost every need. I love that they can depend on Catholic Charities to be their friend, their companion in the daily tasks and joys of life, which is precious even when it is reaching its natural end.

And I love that the most vigorous of our older adults are joining us in service as volunteers. That the message we send is: there is still much to be done! We need your help! Your time is not finished yet. Come and join us.

Thank you for making Catholic Charities beautiful. Let’s go forward. We have more to do.

If you would like to join Paul and the staff at Catholic Charities in our mission please considering getting involved as a giving of time, talent, or treasure. If you have any questions about how to get involved or give please contact Adam Perry at (586) 416-2300 Ext: 3621 or God bless!